Haunting - Tony Chris and Taylor Imagineering

Haunting - Tony Chris and Taylor Imagineering
Prix : 150 €

Peu courant.
Import US – Le jeu hanté version E…… par Taylor Imagineering.
Vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWoPB5CnYng

Effect: From Taylor Imagineering comes Tony Chris’ Haunting, the most amazing version of the Haunted Pack we have ever seen! A selected card is signed and returned to the deck. Place the cards on the ground and now the impossible happens. On your command, the deck slowly, visibly and very eerily begins to move and separate. The deck moves in the most haunting manner until you command it to stop whenever you desire. The card where the deck has separated is removed and revealed to be the spectator’s chosen card!


The world’s first remote controlled Haunted Deck.
Recharges from your computer’s USB port.
You control the deck animation at all times from up to 30 feet away!
Perfect for restaurant, corporate and street performers.
Instantly resets.
No angle limitations.
Visually stunning.
A reputation maker.
Hauntingly perfect